DR Packing List 2018


Remember airline restrictions when packing your bag!
 -No liquids allowed in carry-on over 3.4 ounces
 -All liquids must be in a zip lock bag
 -50 lb limit on your checked bag - WEIGH IT!
 -Please pay attention to airline baggage size limitations
 -Put a change of clothes in your carry-on bag in case your luggage is delayed or lost.


    NO    T-shirts with inappropriate messages (i.e. beer/tobacco ads, suggestive ads, etc.)
    NO    Tank tops or sleeveless shirts (Guys may wear tanks at the camp facility only, but not during ministry.)
    NO    Short shorts (Nike/Patagonia style)
    (Long shorts can be worn most times, but must be     to the top of the knee. These are SCORE ministry     guidelines!)
    NO    Drugs, alcohol, tobacco
    NO    Hair dryers, straighteners, etc. 
    NO    Second checked bag! Pack light!


Please label anything valuable.  We will hand out 2 baggage tags on the departure day for your luggage and backpack. So please check in before loading anything on the buses.

-Casual clothes
-Lightweight jacket/rain jacket (just in case)
-Work/Ministry clothes for 5 days: (shorts, pants, t-shirts, color-of-the-day shirts, rec clothes)
-Tennis shoes/closed toed shoes (no sandals on work sites) 
-Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, bandana, insect repellant    
-Towels, washcloth, toiletries, small mirror
-Pillow and all bedding needed
-Backpack, Bible, pen (please don't forget!)
-Reusable water bottle (very important) 
-Power bars, granola bars, or crackers to snack on
-Hand sanitizer/hand wipes
-Appropriate swimsuit (tankini/one piece for girls)
-Beach Towel, Drawstring waterproof bag for beach day
-Earbuds or headphones for sleeping
-Personal medications (see back)
-Spending $ for nightly snack shop, airport meals, etc
-Work Gloves for construction
-Hammer? (ask your leader)

Lizzie Conner