Guidelines for DR Mission Trip

Guidelines for DR Mission Trip

  • Comfortable pants, jeans, knee length shorts/skirts may be worn. Pants must be appropriate and not too tight.

  • T-shirts can be worn at any time. They MUST have sleeves and cannot have any inappropriate messages or advertisements of alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs.

  • GIRLS—no short-shorts, leggings, or low cut shirts (including travel days.) Also, make sure your mid-section is covered. If you have questions, please contact the Student Staff.

  • Attitudes should be positive, flexible and cooperative. Ask God to guide your heart and keep you in the right frame of mind.

  • “LIGHTS OFF” means go to sleep! You will need plenty of sleep to be effective on this trip. Please respect your leaders when they ask you to be quiet at night.

  • BE ON TIME! Do not be late for anything. Our schedule is tight and it needs to be respected.

  • Respect the facilities as if they were your own. Notify an adult leader if an accident happens.

  • Always have a BUDDY! Never go anywhere alone. Make sure your leader knows where you are.

  • You are not allowed to leave the camp unless we go as a group.

  • RELATIONSHIPS: While on this mission trip, focus on building relationships within the body of Christ. Your dating relationships should not be your focus and PDA should not exist.

  • Student Leaders: Please show respect for them and the decisions they will make during the trip. Pray for them and show your support by following their lead.

  • Appropriate beach day attire includes fully covering one piece suits or tankinis for girls with a cover-up.

Lizzie Conner