Medical Information


Julie Johnson, Amanda Myers, and Laura Tribble will be our trip nurses this year. Please connect with them if you have any questions or special needs. SCORE maintains a medical clinic within minutes of our location for emergency needs. 

Julie Johnson -

Amanda Myers -

Laura Tribble -

1. Each student should carry these medication supplies (in small quantity) in their backpack:

    •    Tylenol, Motrin, or Aleve (whichever pain medicine they prefer
    •    Pepto Bismol or something for upset stomach
    •    Some type of cold or sinus formula medication, cough drops
    •    A few Band-Aids & bug spray

2. If your student is allergic to bee stings, ants, peanuts, etc. and has been prescribed an Epipen, they MUST have an Epipen in their backpack AT ALL TIMES.

3. If your student has asthma or Reactive Airway Disease and has been prescribed an inhaler (even if they don’t often need it). Please be sure they have their inhaler with them in their backpack AT ALL TIMES.

4. If your student occasionally takes medications due to old sports injuries, migraines, reflux, etc. (even if they don’t often need it) please pack the medication.

5. All students should have sunscreen and use it. Keep a small amount with you in your backpack.

6. An American missionary has a medical clinic as part of SCORE'S ministry in the DR for any emergent or serious needs that may arise. 


Lizzie Conner